Childcare, Vacation Care and Others

Childcare, Vacation Care and Other Groups

We cater for Kindergarten, Childcare, Vacation Care, Libraries and Community Groups.

If you’re looking for some Wicked Worm Fun for the holidays, look no further. Wonderful Worm Waste can deliver outstanding worm fun with great learning outcomes too! You will be surprised how much the children learn from one of these sessions.

New activities have been added: Plant-A- Seed eco poo pots and Making Seed Bombs ! 



The program consists of 2 parts lasting approximately 1 hour:

  • A fun and entertaining presentation (Static board display with A3 graphics) educating children about recycling, better choices they can make about how worms can help manage organic waste, worm farming, life cycles and threatened native species. Kids will be amazed at the size of the Giant Gippsland Worm! We bring along a museum model of this 3 meter long worm for children to consider size!
  • Hands-on activity: This is where all the fun Children have the opportunity to examine worms, worm tea and worm eggs up-close using magnifying loops. Then they make their mini worm farms to take home and share with family and friends.
  • We provide everything except the plastic bottles – we do ask the children to bring along on the day 1-2 litre clear bottles with 1/3 of the top cut off and washed.
  • The children will also be provided with take home instructions on how to look after their mini worms.

Early education centres and childcare will have their programs contextualized to suit this age group.

Bookings are on a per session basis.